Ep. 197: Beers with Dr. B – Revisited

In a special episode etched into the annals of Tastemasters history, we had the distinct honor of hosting the late Dr. Bristol Sorensen. A seasoned traveler and an ardent tea enthusiast, Dr. B brought a unique palate that didn’t particularly favor beer. However, in the spirit of culinary exploration, our hosts, Wyatt and David, took up the challenge.

What unfolded was a delightful odyssey, a testament to the belief that those who claim not to like beer merely haven’t encountered their perfect brew. With a blend of camaraderie and expertise, Wyatt and David skillfully navigated Dr. B’s taste preferences, determined to uncover a beer that would captivate her palate.

Join us in celebrating this memorable episode, where the worlds of tea and beer converged, proving that the right beer for everyone is just waiting to be discovered. A tribute to Dr. Bristol Sorensen’s adventurous spirit and the belief that there’s a beer out there for everyone, waiting to be savored. #TastemastersLegacy