We make the overwhelming world of craft beer, liquor and other fermented beverages simple, so ANYONE can confidently find new drinks/products they love!

Our Mission

Our motto is: When knowledge increases, behavior changes!

The #1 reason the world of locally crafted products (i.e. beer, spirits, kombucha, etc.) goes unexplored is underlying fear of picking something that won’t be enjoyed. Ultimately, because there is a lack of understanding in regards to the many nuances found in these products.

Tastemaster David & incredible guest co-hosts will delve into the world of beer, distillation and anything in the fermentations process in Utah; they will teach you all things brewing, ingredients use, & flavor notes without creating overwhelm. Listen while the Tastemasters interview craft artist to better appreciate the beauty in their products. After each episode, you will leave with new knowledge & confidence inspiring you to branch out and try new Craft Beers, Spirits, Kombucha, and much more!