Ep. 153: Patrick Wong – Wong Colored Glasses

On this Episode, we are joined by Melissa Diaz as we delve into the world of an experienced Brewer, Patrick Wong! Patrick has been traveling around to enhance his love for crafting of beer. From the Irish seas to the Chinese proverbs, Patrick’s influences comes from all paths of life. Brewing within Texas, Nevada and Utah, PWong may have found his home within our Community.

Tune in to follow Patrick’s journey as he explains what it takes to be in the Brewing scene. Currently behind the scenes at Squatter/Wasatch, while he continues to let the beer speak for itself.

Ep. 152: Chris Holifield – Host of “I Am Salt Lake”

On this Episode, we sit down with the host of one of longest running and extremely popular Utah Podcast, I Am Salt Lake. With over 500 Episodes and over 10 years, Chris has brought on many individuals within the Salt Lake Community to give them recognition and spotlight. From interviewing teachers, politicians, Rabbi’s, bakers, brewers, janitors and all in between, Chris helps share the stories of those who deserve to be heard.

As an example to all of us to lead with passion and treating everyone with kindness, Chris is a true gift to the Utah Community. Head to any social media platforms and listen to I Am Salt Lake to learn more about folks who might even be your neighbor.

Ep. 151: Teri Mumm – Utah Brewers Guild’s Secret Weapon

On this Episode, we sit down with Teri Mumm. Teri has been wearing multiple hats while living in Utah. With organizational development skills, Teri knows how to assist in a non-profit organizations. Current Executive Director within the “Utah Brewers Guild,” Teri continues to encourage participation amongst the Community.

Tune in as we get to know Teri in more of a in-depth conversation. If you have questions for Teri or want to learn more about her, please reach out through all social media handles.

Ep. 150: David, The Tastemaster – Tales of Life & Brewing

On this Episode, we get to hear the in depth story of David, of The Tastemasters. We are honored to be hosted by Lauren Lerch and joined by Kevin Templin. These 2 legends take a look inside David’s origin story from humble beginnings to a full head of hair.

Tune in as we get to know how David started the Tastemasters Podcast, how he became a Brewer and what’s next for Tastemasters. Thank you to all who made this Episode possible!

Ep. 149: West Side Tavern HOP FEST!!

On this Episode, Squatters & Wasatch’s West Side Tavern hosted their first annual “Fresh Wet Hop Festival.” This event helped showcase breweries who made a beer with fresh hops off the vine. Masterminded by THE Libby Taylor, she was. able to bring together 7 breweries under one roof. Beautiful crafted beers by: Bewilder Brewing, Wasatch PC, Offset Bier, Strap Tank (Lehi & Springville), RoHa Brewing, and TF Brewing.

Tune in to hear from the brewers themselves and more about what makes Fresh Wet Hop beers so special! Cannot wait for this festival to happen next year.

Ep. 148: Scion Cider Bar LIVE – Part 2

On this Episode, we continue with our LIVE Episode within the walls of Scion Cider Bar in Salt Lake City. While Beerwench Diaz is behind the mic, we have special guest coming and going on this one. Chad Hopkins of Hopkins Brewing and Sam Sisk of TF Brewing join us as we break down some delicious ciders and talk about what we can do to further educate all of us in the world of fermentation.

Head Cider Maker and Owner, Rio Connelly joins us to tell exciting updates for the city’s most popular Cider Bar. Tune in to hear what Rio has in store for Scion Cider Bar, new releases and potential upgrades.

Ep. 147: Scion Cider Bar LIVE – Part 1

On this Episode, with Co-Host, Melissa Diaz, we sit down with multiple guests while Scion Cider is up and roaring. From new updates to new voices, this episode has it all! We also have all our guests do a “Sidra Long Pour” in honor of Spanish wine traditions.

Tune in to hear from Patrick Bourque of Offset Bier, Brett Markum, Simon, Delaney (Utah Ale Trail) and Utah’s only Pommelier, Matthew Ostrander. Loaded Episode at the Utah’s best Cider Bar!

Ep. 146: Jacob Fluetsch – Parallel Passions

On this Episode, we sit down with fellow Brewer from Proper Brewing Co., Jacob Fluetsch. From history, weaponry, and beer, Jacob begins as a humbled student and slowly becomes enthralled in the task at hand.

Tune in to hear more of an in depth talk about Jacob’s humble beginnings to what path brought him into the Craft Brewing Industry. In whatever path is taken, Jacob has been able to attentively find lessons within each roll of the dice.

Ep. 145: Jeremy Ragonese – Presidential Mentality

On this Episode, we have the honor to sit across from the current President of Uinta Brewing Company, Jeremy Ragonese. Moving from Kansas, Jeremy and his family have quickly made Utah their comfortable home. Jeremy, a valuable and trustworthy individual, has made a difference being a strong leader within the Uinta Family.

Tune in to hear more about Mr. Ragonese as we delve deep into his thoughts while enjoying a Nitro Cold Brew from Urban Sailor Coffee.

Ep. 144: Sam Sisk – Perfection in Details

Sam Sisk

On this Episode, we sit down with an experienced Brewer who’s love for the craft is enormous. With his attention to details, Sam Sisk is easily making a name for himself within the TF Family. From a desire to learn and create, Sam has found a way to hone in his creative mind within the beer he helps produce.

Tune in to hear a more in depth chat with Mr. Sisk himself. Once you hear his story, you’ll understand why Sam is all smiles and joyful energy!