We make the overwhelming world of Craft Beer simple, so ANYONE can confidently find new beers they love!

Our Mission

Our motto is: When knowledge increases, behavior changes!

The #1 reason the world of Craft Beers goes unexplored is underlying fear of picking something that won’t be enjoyed. Ultimately, because there is a lack of understanding in regards to the many nuances found in beer.

Bartenders David & Wyatt will delve into the world of beer; they will teach you all things brewing, ingredients use, & flavor notes without creating overwhelm. Listen while David and Wyatt teach any level of beer enthusiast to better appreciate the art of beer making and to enjoy life more fully through the fascinating world of beer! After each episode, you will leave with new knowledge & confidence inspiring you to branch out and try new Craft Beers.


Episode 49: Barrel-Aged Beers with Josh!

On this Episode, the Tastemasters sit and chat with their good friend Josh van Amstel about barrel-aged beers! Barrel-aged beers have an interesting/unique charred and toasted flavor from beautiful wooden barrels that have been aging for some time. Not every barrel-aged beer turns out great, but when done correctly, barrel-aging can personify the beer itself. …

Episode 48: Sweet Vinyl Bakeshop meets Big Bad Baptist

On this Episode, the Tastemasters sit and chat with their friend and Owner/Founder of Sweet Vinyl Bakeshop, Melissa Diaz! Diaz has been making Craft Beer inspired cupcakes for some years now! Most recently, she has been catching the eyes of local breweries and making absolutely incredible treats with their beer INSIDE her cupcakes! Tune in …