Ep. 93: Oktoberfest Biers with Chandler

On this Episode, Honorary Tastemaster Chandler and David try some of this seasons Oktoberfest style biers that are currently available. Tune in as two long time friends taste some delicious beers while briefly going over the history of Oktoberfest. (We apologize for the bad sound quality of this episode)

Ep. 89: Cocktail Queen Ray Jordan

Ray Jordan is a cocktail guru who is passionate about mixology. She currently is mastering her craft with the help of Holystone distilling. Ray now chases finding and paring all the yummy things. Listen in as we hear Ray’s story from wine pairings to cocktail queen and everything in between.

Ep. 88: Kicking it with Libby

On this Episode, with our friend Rachel Bell as co-host, will sit down with amazing Libby Taylor from the Squatters/Wasatch crew. Libby has been working with Squatters/Wasatch for several years educating people about craft beer. Listen as this multi-talented passionate artist tells us how she changes lives through craft beer within the Squatters/Wasatch framily!

Ep. 87: Tsuki Sake

On this Episode, we sit down with Ty and Jill of Tsuki Sake! Utah’s first sake company producing high quality Junmai Sake is taking the Valley over by storm! Learn how Kirk and Ty came across Jill who’s life changed over one sip of sake. This power trio will win you over with their sake.

Tsuki Sake have two products: Junmai Daiginjo and White Peach Nigori which will explode your palate!! KANPAI!!

Ep. 86: Sirop Co. – Utah Local Handmade Simple Syrups

Cider Maker from Mountain West Cidery, Joel Goodwillie, joins David as they sit down with the owners of Sirop Co. Nate and Jacob started their business from their very own kitchens. Now, they have uniquely mouth watering syrups that go in/on everything! Sirop Co. make quality non-alcoholic syrups that any age and diet can enjoy. Flavors like Cherry Pie, Earl Gray, Vanilla Bean, and Roasted Jalapeno are just a few of their sensational concoctions!

To learn more about Sirop Co. feel free to visit them at https://www.siropco.com/ and tell them we sent you!

Ep. 84: Dented Brick Distillery

On this Episode, David and Chad sit down with Head Distiller Harley and Tui of Dented Brick Distillery. Dented Brick is a local distillery that has gone through leaps and bounds to become who they are today. With the drive and passion of a stellar crew, which includes Harley and Tui, Dented Brick is producing award winning products.

Join us as we try their Antelope Island Rum, Bristlecone Gin, House Whiskey, Limited Edition Moon’s Best Rye Whiskey, and a secret Gin.

Ep. 83: Cider Maker Joel of Mountain West Cidery

On this Episode, we sit down with Cider Maker Joel Goodwillie of Mountain West Cidery. From the Pacific-Northwest, Joel comes from a background of wine making with over 20 years of experience. While finding a new home in Utah, Joel has quickly helped make a name for Mountain West Cider. Listen how Joel converted from the grape vine to the apple tree.

Also, Cider Maker Joel and Tastemaster David teamed up to make a “Small Batch Cider.” Tune in to see how Joel and David’s first joint experimental cider turned out!

Ep. 82: Utah Beer Myths & Misperceptions with Dini

Honorary Tastemaster Dini joins today’s episode as we talk personal experiences in regards to alcohol in Utah. Both living most our lives in Utah, we had a very unusual upbringing. Looking back a decade in our lives, so much has changed. Not only in the way we think, but our incredibly growing culture around us.

Ep. 81: Erika Palmer the Utah Beer Ninja

On this Episode, we sit down with a starlight amongst Superstars within the craft beer scene in Utah, our friend, Erika Palmer! If you haven’t met Erika Palmer, then you truly are missing out. Not only does Erika emanate love, happiness and joy, she is matched with a massive knowledge of Utah’s craft beer scene.

Listen to how Erika’s personal connection with Red Rock Brewery has helped connect so many friends and family since 1994. Erika shares with us Red Rock’s Paardebloem, Back Door Saison Rose, and a Pink Boots Special, 9 to 5 Belgian Golden.

Ep. 80: Mikey of Utah Beer Blog

Mikey Riedel of “Utah Beer Blog” joins us for this Episode of Tastemasters. Mikey has been running this recognized Utah blog for over 15 years! Mikey has been keep tabs on crafted beer in Utah. Being able to utilize a platform to help people receive current information with one post has help the Utah community for the better.

Keep an eye out for Mikey’s “New Beer Friday” every Friday which gives everyone a heads-up on all the breweries new beers. Trust us when we say, Utah Beer Blog is a great one stop place to find updates on Utah’s new beers.