Episode 40: Pumpkin Beers with Dallin

Tis the season for EVERYTHING Pumpkin!! On this Episode, with special guest Dallin Curry, we talk about some of the best Pumpkin Beers readily available for you to try this season! Tune in as the Tastemasters explain the history behind Pumpkin in beer, how Pumpkin is put in beer, and why your next beer should kick off with a Pumpkin beer!

Episode 39: Uinta’s Pina Colada Milkshake Pale Ale

A MILKSHAKE BEER?! What the?! What makes a beer into a Milkshake? Does it actually taste like a tropical island Pina Colada?!Well, we had to give this one a try ASAP!! Tune in as the Tastemasters break down and educate you on what makes a beer turn into a “Milkshake.”

Episode 38: Last Minute Summertime Beers

With the Summer season coming to a close, there are still incredible beers to crush before the heat turns down for the remainder of the year! Tune in as the Tastemasters share with you their choice on which beers you should try before the Summer is over!

Episode 37: Belching Beaver Brewery Shout-Out

Belching Beaver Brewery has been flooding the shelves of Liquor Stores across the country and even Utah (which we all know if extremely difficult)! Based out of Oceanside, California, this Craft Brewery has an amazingly comical and unmistakable Beaver on every can. Tune in as the Tastemasters break down some of the whimsical beers from this Brewery.

Episode 36: Kona Brewing Co. Wave Rider Variety Pack – Cody

Honorary Tastemaster Cody brings his favorite Summertime Sampler Pack to the table, the Kona Brewing Co. Wave Rider Variety Pack! Join us as we break open one of the best-selling craft beer brands in the world that’s rooted from Hawaii itself!

Episode 35: Zolupez Fiesta Sampler – David

On this Episode, Tastemaster David showcase his “Go-To” Summertime Sampler Pack with the Zolupez Beer Company’s “Fiesta Sampler.” Tune in as the Tastemasters and their friend Cody, break down the beers in this Mexican-Style Crafted 12-pack!

Episode 34: Best Summer Time Sampler Pack – Wyatt

As the heat intensifies and the summer draws near, the Tastemasters would like to recommend their favorite Summer Time Sampler Packs you should try while you still can! On this Episode, the Tastemasters and Honorary Tastemaster Cody talk about the “Party in a Box” collaboration by local breweries Squatters and Wasatch! Tune in to see why you should grab this Sampler Pack!

Episode 31: Talisman Brewing Co. Shout-Out!

Utah’s very own Talisman Brewing Company is Veteran owned and operated. This Brewery in Odgen, Utah have fantastic beer decorated with amazing labels, witty names, and top-notch ingredients! Tune in as the Tastemasters go over a few of their wheat inspired Craft Beers.