Ep. 196: Buffalo Revisited

Delving into the Tastemasters’ treasure trove of memories, we’re transported back to our early days when we had the privilege of interviewing Marcio Buffalo, who was the Head Brewer at Shades Brewing Company at the time. Little did we anticipate that Marcio would go on to achieve a remarkable collection of medals, as if they were becoming a rare commodity. More than just a professional connection, he evolved into a dear friend and an endless source of assistance and inspiration.

On this Episode, you’ll hear the voice of Wyatt Snyder. Wyatt was one of the original Tastemasters. Without him, we would not be here today. As we reflect on the swift passage of time, we sincerely hope that you relish this nostalgic gem from our archives as much as we do. Here’s to treasured memories and the incredible journeys they propel us on!