Ep. 155: Curiosity & N/A Drinks with Mel and Addison

On this Episode, we sit down with some of our dear friends, Mel and Addison. Per the request of these two lovely souls, we sat down and checked out one of the coolest bars in Salt Lake County, Curiosity. Curiosity is a Non-Alcoholic Bar with a vast collection of beers, spirits, coffees, wines, and much more. Imagine a Non-Alcoholic version of “The Bayou” or “Slackwater Pizzeria.”

Mel and Addison are high performing athletes who love a good craft beer or cocktail. However, their mind & body are the most important tool they own. It needs to be in top shape and sharpness in order to complete the daunting task they find fulfilling.

Tune in as you hear why N/A Beers & drinks deserve to be heard. Listen as we talk about a growing market that has more benefits than we realize.