Ep. 122: Northeast Barrel Company

On this Episode, join us as we sit down with Matt Thomas, Co-owner of Northeast Barrel Company. Matt shares with us his path in life and how it’s brought him to being one of Utah’s best Barrel Broker! Northeast Barrels have a wide variety in their inventory from Jamaican Rum Barrels, Tequila Barrels, Maple Syrup Barrels, Foeders and much more! If you’re looking for any type a barrel anywhere in the World, Matt is you GO TO!

Tune in as Matt also shares with us his artistic abilities into recycling barrels by creating hand crafted eye-catching designs with Barhome Designs (which he also owns). From start to finish, Matt knows what it takes to utilize the entirety of a barrel! If we ever need a barrel, Northeast Barrel Company is our place of choice!

Ep. 121: Craft Pub Runners

Ever find yourself in need of some CPR?! Well, Craft Pub Runners can definitely assist you with that. Combining exercise and drinking (ok, not at the same time) CPR has created a comradery of friends who enjoy a drink at a local brewery/bar/pub right after a refreshing run/ jog or if you are like us, a walk around the bar.

Join us with the founders of Craft Pub Runners Sam, Nam, and Paul to see how they came to be, and why exercise and beer can be a grand ol’ time!

Ep. 120: Salt City Brew Supply

To celebrate the first ever beer release at Salt City Brew Supply (Saturday April 9, 2022), we sit down with the owners and friends of SCBS. Salt City Brew Supply now offers Beer To-Go along with all your homebrew supplies and equipment. Mark your calendar as we pick up the “Baby Dez” session IPA that you can only acquire within the walls of SCBS.

On this Episode, we pick the minds of homebrewers turned commercial brewers. With the aid and sagely advice from Cody and Ross, Salt City Brew Supply has changed the brewing experience of many! Through memories, laughs, and advice, you will hear personal experiences from: Chad Hopkins (Hopkins Brewery), Wendell Sorenson (formerly 2Row), and Carson Foss (UTOG). It is incredible to have great beer makers share with us what it was like to start from the homebrew shop.

Ep. 119: Tim Haran of Utah Beer News

If you have been following Craft Beer to any degree, then we can guarantee that you have heard of, or seen, Utah Beer News! Utah’s # 1 place for the most informative and insider information on beer anywhere in Utah. In this Episode, we are honored with the chance to sit down with Utah’s Legendary Tim Haran and pick his brain. From humble journalism begins to being an award winning homebrewer, tune in to learn more about Tim!

To keep in the loop with Tim’s famous Utah Beer News’ Newsletter, head to utahbeernews.com/subscribe to receive updates on Local Beer Events, New Beer Releases, and Inside Scoops of all things Utah Beer! Tim also shares his stories/interviews with individuals in Utah’s Craft Beer scene on his Utah Beer News Podcast! Head to utahbeernews.com for more information about Tim Haran, his enthusiasm for beer, and more information.

Ep. 118: Brown Gradient Beer Wenches

On this Episode, we sit down with the ladies of the Brown Gradient Beer Wenches. It is all laughs and beer talk as we learn about Diaz, Steph, Mel and Ree! Each lady has a unique background, story, and love for craft beer. What started as a bunch of friends just vibing, has slowly turned into something bigger… becoming voices for women of color in the Utah Craft Beer Scene.

Ep. 116: Patrick Bourque – Offset Bier Co.

On this Episode, we sit down to learn more about the artist behind the scenes of Offset Bier Co, Patrick Bourque. Being a part of Park City’s newest breweries, Patrick is taking his experience, knowledge, and passion to the next level. Sticking close to traditional styles, Patrick has been releasing bier such as: Wiess Kolsch, Altbier, Strata Pale, DOPO-House Hoppy, and much more. Offset is quickly turning heads, opening palates, and blowing minds. Joined by our good friend and Head Brewer of Wasatch-Park City, Nil Imboden, David and Nils delve into the brewing path of Patrick and why they make Park City better.

Ep. 114: Harry Potter and the COBBlet of Fire!

On this Episode, we sit down with Jacob from TF Brewing. Jacob is a local Utahn who has found a path in Craft Beer. Also known as the COBBasaurus Rex, the COBB Father, Rocky COBBoa… the list goes on. “Cobb” is one of the biggest hearted, fun loving individuals you could ever meet. Let us know what your favorite nickname is!

Ep. 113: The Boys of Fisher Brewing

Join us with the owners of Fisher Brewing Co. Colby, Tom, Tim, and Steve. On this special episode we are honored to celebrate the 5 Year Anniversary of Fisher Brewing Co. which has become a favorite hangout spot for many. The Fisher Brewing boys will reveal some important events and new beers they will be showcasing for their 5 year Anniversary celebration!

Ep. 111: Scion Cider Bar

Ready for the next greatest place to be in 2022?! Scion Cider Bar is Utah’s first Cider focused bar that will also be making Ciders within their walls in the near future. With over 150 Imported Ciders to choose from and 20 Ciders on tap, Scion Cider Bar is bringing an all new tasting experience to Salt Lake City. Tune in to learn more behind the scenes while we interview Rio Connelly and Elisabeth Osmeloski.

Ep. 110: Clay & Shane Turnbow – Kiitos Brewing

On this Episode, we are joined by our guest Co-Host, Melissa Diaz (aka Beer Wench and Cupcake Guru)! We sit down with Head Manager Shane and Head Brewer Clay of Kiitos Brewing and discuss what it takes to be an Award-Winning Brewery and pour their iconic Pickle Beer!