Ep. 197: Beers with Dr. B – Revisited

In a special episode etched into the annals of Tastemasters history, we had the distinct honor of hosting the late Dr. Bristol Sorensen. A seasoned traveler and an ardent tea enthusiast, Dr. B brought a unique palate that didn’t particularly favor beer. However, in the spirit of culinary exploration, our hosts, Wyatt and David, took up the challenge.

What unfolded was a delightful odyssey, a testament to the belief that those who claim not to like beer merely haven’t encountered their perfect brew. With a blend of camaraderie and expertise, Wyatt and David skillfully navigated Dr. B’s taste preferences, determined to uncover a beer that would captivate her palate.

Join us in celebrating this memorable episode, where the worlds of tea and beer converged, proving that the right beer for everyone is just waiting to be discovered. A tribute to Dr. Bristol Sorensen’s adventurous spirit and the belief that there’s a beer out there for everyone, waiting to be savored. #TastemastersLegacy

Ep. 196: Buffalo Revisited

Delving into the Tastemasters’ treasure trove of memories, we’re transported back to our early days when we had the privilege of interviewing Marcio Buffalo, who was the Head Brewer at Shades Brewing Company at the time. Little did we anticipate that Marcio would go on to achieve a remarkable collection of medals, as if they were becoming a rare commodity. More than just a professional connection, he evolved into a dear friend and an endless source of assistance and inspiration.

On this Episode, you’ll hear the voice of Wyatt Snyder. Wyatt was one of the original Tastemasters. Without him, we would not be here today. As we reflect on the swift passage of time, we sincerely hope that you relish this nostalgic gem from our archives as much as we do. Here’s to treasured memories and the incredible journeys they propel us on!

Ep. 195: Homebrewing At Its Finest

Dwight from Gossorino Brewing and Justin from Wood Brewing are both passionate Home Brewers who have honed the art of crafting exceptional Craft Beer. Their dedication to their craft goes beyond simply making beer; it’s a labor of love. This Episode serves as a valuable bridge between the realms of homebrewing and commercial brewing, highlighting the camaraderie that exists within the brewing community.

Regardless of whether you’re brewing in your garage or at a commercial scale, what truly matters is the heart and passion you put into your craft. This Episode emphasizes that as long as that love for beer is present, the result will always be great beer. Dwight and Justin’s journey showcases that the spirit of brewing transcends boundaries and brings together individuals who share a common love for the art of brewing, creating a vibrant and supportive community that celebrates the magic of Craft Beer.

Ep. 194: Robyn – Passion’s Finest

Robyn, a spirited individual from Central Illinois, has always been a beacon of infectious ambition. During the challenging COVID-19 pandemic, she redirected her energy towards fermentation. Starting with Kombucha, she patiently perfected her craft, experimenting with flavors and techniques to create the ideal probiotic drink. Yet, her aspirations reached further, with a desire to leave her mark in the craft beer scene. With unyielding determination, she delved into the world of brewing, mastering the nuances of yeast strains, hops, and malts. When the opportunity finally arose, she found her place within a microbrewery. Robyn quickly earned recognition for her innovative brews, and she’s never looked back. Her journey stands as a testament to the power of ambition, adaptability, and relentless pursuit of passion.

Robyn’s path has been nothing short of extraordinary. Her involvement in the microbrewery and its subsequent success are a testament to her unwavering commitment to quality and her constant pursuit of excellence within the craft beer community. Eager for more, she continues to push the boundaries of brewing, inspiring both customers and aspiring brewers alike. Robyn’s future in the craft beer scene is brilliantly illuminated, and her story remains a shining example of the incredible feats that can be accomplished with boundless determination and unwavering passion.

Ep. 192: Grid City Music Fest 2023

Grid City Music Fest aims to ignite a vibrant atmosphere, infusing “The Zone” with electrifying energy right in the heart of South Salt Lake’s Creative Industries Zone. Picture this: live bands belting out tunes that make your heart race, an array of delectable food offerings, a bustling marketplace of vendors, a dance floor that beckons you to move, and thrilling games to keep the excitement alive. This extraordinary festival unfolds across not one, not two, but six mesmerizing locations, uniting us all in a testament to the boundless strength of our community. Together, we stand as living proof that support and camaraderie flourish right here in our midst.

Ep. 191: Mr. Best of Both Worlds

Brian Best, a brewer at Bewilder Brewing Co, emerges from the tapestry of humble beginnings, his journey interwoven with threads of passion and perseverance. Originating from a profound love for music, Brian’s early introduction to the world of rhythm began with his embrace of the drums, a pivotal point in his life that ignited a flame of dedication. With each beat of the drum, he set forth on a path of creativity and self-expression that harmonized seamlessly with his love for brewing. As fate would have it, Brian’s passion for crafting music translated effortlessly into the art of crafting beer, where he found a new canvas upon which to pour his heart and soul. On this Episode, Mr. Best pairs music with crafted beer.

Brian’s life unfolds like a vibrant symphony, painted with the hues of adventure, camaraderie, and the unmistakable notes of a well-lived life. Amidst the backdrop of melodies and the effervescent hum of brewing equipment, he embraces each day with an infectious smile, embodying a spirit that thrives on making the most of every moment. Rooted in the foundations of family, friends, and cherished loved ones, Brian’s journey radiates with an undeniable zest for life. His dedication to both his craft and the art of savoring life’s treasures serves as an inspiration, reminding us all that the pursuit of passion and the cultivation of joy can harmoniously intertwine to create a symphony of fulfillment.

Ep. 190: Second Summit Hard Cider Co.

As anticipation reaches its crescendo, the long-awaited grand opening of Second Summit Hard Cider Co. emerges on the horizon like a beacon of refined taste and conviviality. With unwavering dedication and a shared vision, Head Cider Maker Brandon and the versatile Chief Operations Officer, Joe, have meticulously woven their expertise and aspirations into the fabric of this establishment. Nestled in the heart of Millcreek, Utah, this gem of a cidery stands as a testament to their craft, a manifestation of their dreams realized. Beyond the doors of Second Summit Hard Cider Co. lies a haven for cider aficionados and seekers of camaraderie alike. The carefully cultivated ambiance, complete with the resounding echoes of pickleball matches and the comforting hum of laughter, seamlessly intertwines with the exceptional libations crafted within. A symphony of flavors awaits, as their ciders, crafted with the utmost care and precision, beckon the palate to indulge in a sensory journey that reflects both artistry and innovation.

This weekend’s grand opening marks not only the culmination of tireless effort but also the inception of a new chapter in Utah’s cider landscape. Second Summit Hard Cider Co. stands as a testament to the harmonious marriage of passion and dedication, encapsulating the spirit of community and refined taste that Brandon, Joe, and their team (shoutout Ms. Vicki & Julie) have woven into its very essence. As the doors swing open, inviting all to partake in the revelry, the cidery’s pickleball courts and impeccable ciders stand ready to welcome patrons into a world where the pursuit of excellence intertwines seamlessly with the joy of companionship. It is with eager anticipation that enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike await the grand unveiling of this haven, poised to become an enduring touchstone for the cider enthusiasts of Millcreek and beyond.

Ep. 189: Hopped-Up Joe

Joe Mastrorocco’s journey in the beer industry began at Uinta Brewing Co., where he dedicated many years honing his craft and contributing to the company’s success. His tenure at Uinta allowed him to immerse himself in the art and science of brewing, gaining invaluable experience and expertise along the way. However, Joe’s passion for the world of beer didn’t stop there. A fortuitous opportunity led him to Roy Farms, a renowned establishment specializing in the cultivation of exceptional hops. Embracing this new role, Joe found himself deeply involved in the production of high-quality hops, an integral ingredient that contributes to the rich flavors of craft beers worldwide. With his profound knowledge of brewing and his commitment to quality, Joe’s presence at Roy Farms continued to have a positive impact on the brewing community at large.

Joe Mastrorocco’s connection to the world of craft beer extends beyond his professional expertise. His genuine love for the industry and his community is palpable in every interaction. Whether sharing insights about brewing techniques, discussing the nuances of different beer styles, or simply engaging in conversations about the joys of community gatherings around a pint, Joe’s enthusiasm is infectious. His presence has an uncanny ability to bring people together, fostering a sense of camaraderie among fellow beer enthusiasts. Joe’s journey from Uinta Brewing Co. to his role at Roy Farms not only highlights his dedication to the art of brewing but also underscores his profound impact on the beer community, where his passion and warmth continue to be felt by all those lucky enough to be around him.

Ep. 187: Bradley Judge – Production Is Key

Bradley Judge is an invaluable figure in the craft beer scene, serving as the esteemed Production Lead at Squatters/Wasatch, one of the most renowned breweries in the industry. With his extensive expertise and leadership, he plays a pivotal role in overseeing the entire production process, ensuring that every batch of craft beer is brewed to perfection. As a Production Lead, Bradley is responsible for coordinating the brewing team, monitoring quality control, and optimizing production efficiency to meet the ever-growing demand for Squatters/Wasatch craft beers. His dedication and meticulous approach have earned him a stellar reputation within the craft beer community, and his contributions have helped the brewery solidify its position as a leading force in the craft beer market.

Beyond his professional responsibilities, Bradley’s love for craft beer is evident in every aspect of his life. A true connoisseur, he possesses an unparalleled passion for the art of brewing and an insatiable curiosity for experimenting with new flavors and brewing techniques. This love for craft beer is contagious, as he readily shares his knowledge and enthusiasm with colleagues, customers, and fellow craft beer enthusiasts. Bradley’s commitment to producing the finest craft beers reflects not only his expertise but also his deep appreciation for the craft, making him an integral and beloved figure in the craft beer scene.

Ep. 186: Talisman Brewing Co. w/Dusty & Hayden

In the heart of Ogden, Utah, Dusty and Hayden, small part of the talented minds behind Talisman Brewing Company, are orchestrating a craft beer revolution. With relentless passion and creativity, they’re crafting exceptional brews that captivate the palates of locals and beyond. Their commitment to excellence shines through in every pint, pushing the boundaries of taste and innovation.

Talisman Brewing Company has become a hub of community and camaraderie, drawing in beer enthusiasts and adventurers seeking something extraordinary. From hoppy IPAs to bold oatmeal stouts, their diverse selection of beers offers something for every discerning taste. With every sip, you can taste the dedication and artistry that go into each brew, making Talisman a must-visit destination for all beer lovers in Ogden and an inspiring testament to the power of small businesses changing the game in the craft beer world.