Ep. 167: Salt Flats Brewers w/ Eric, Karson & Elizabeth

On this Episode, we sit down with the current Brew Team at Salt Flats Brewing Co. Lead by Eric Buehner, Salt Flats has been fine tuning and becoming better than ever! With Karson and Elizabeth assisting, Salt Flats Brewery is turning heads and crafting beautiful brews.

Tune in to hear a more in depth story of who these three artists are, how they started in the Brewing Industry, and what they have in store for Salt Flats Brewery. Keep an out for new beer and collaborations coming from the Salt Flats Team!

Ep. 166: HK Brewing

On this Episode, we welcome back Hannah and Kate of HK Brewing (Han’s Kombucha). With their new space opened and ready to showcase, Hannah and Kate have been working steadfastly to bring their place of communion to life! HK Brewing has plenty of options flowing on tap, to-go and on going events every week.

Check out HK Brewing by visiting them in SLC at 370 W Aspen Ave (behind the Tesla Dealership and by Target). With a open space to hold your next event or just to get some personal work done, HK Brewing is Salt Lake’s newest Hot Spot!

Ep. 165: Salt Flats Spirits w/Trent and Rachel

On this Episode, we sit down in the heart of Salt Flats Brewery with Trent and Rachel! Within the walls of the Brewery is also the Distillery. With Trent Moore at the helm and a newly upgraded Still, Salt Flats Spirits continues to grow and impress! With a beautiful line up of Spirits and Cocktails in a Can, Salt Flats Spirits brings home award after award.

Tune more to hear a deeper story from both Trent and Rachel. Also, what is new and exciting for the team at Salt Flats Spirits. Keep an eye out for new releases and exciting news soon to come!

Ep. 164: Greg Schoenwolf – The Bearded Swan

On this Episode, one of the most genuine humans within the Utah’s Community, Greg Schoenwolf, joins us as we hear more of his story. For any and all who come in contact with Greg will immediately feel a sense of love and appreciation.

Tune in to learn more of Greg’s journey as it takes him from “Plie” to being a loving husband & father and everything in between. You can catch Greg slinging bier within the walls of TF Brewing in SLC or embarking of craft Mead within the walls of his home.

Ep. 163: Drip IV Utah – Mobile IV Therapy

To continue along the path of health and well-being, we have decided to showcase our friends from Drip IV Utah! Backed by an experienced medical control group, Drip IV Utah can administer IV’s to help eliminate dehydration, migraines, colds, & hangovers! Formulated with nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, Drip IV can benefit you in many ways. Also, THEY ARE 24/7 & MOBILE!! That’s right, they COME TO YOU!!

Next time you feel yourself feeling low on energy, dehydrated or sick, give Drip IV Utah a try! It is cheaper than going to the Hospital, ER or Instacare. Head to dripivutah.com or call/text 3853016279 for a booking! Tell them we sent you and feel your body thanking you for making the right choice.

Ep. 162: Kings Peak Coffee Roasters

On this Episode, we sit down with Owners Garland and Brandy of Kings Peak Coffee Roasters. Kings Peak is a creative space roasting quality coffee while assisting in empowering connections with farmers and customers. What started as a hobby, has now blossomed into a passionate calling.

Tune it to learn more about what Kings Peak has in store for the Community and the Coffee Roasting Community. Learn more of the origins of Kings Peak and how their coffee is making an impact in some beers & spirits around our Community.

Ep. 161: Andrew Tendick – The Proper Way

On this Episode, we are joined by Becca Cardaccio as we get to know the owner of Proper Brewing Co., Andrew Tendick. Andrew has been behind the scenes since day one. Bringing his love of beer and skills within culinary art world has help propel Proper into the successful team it is today.

Tune in as we learn more of an in depth look at Proper Brewing Moab! Look out Moab, Proper is coming to you and ready to serve you as a true Community beer hot spot! Grand Opening of Proper Brewing Moab is February 10, 2023. Exciting things happening within Proper Brewing as Becca & Andrew share more future endeavors within the world of Proper.

Ep. 160: Bewilder’s 3 Year Anniversary Stab

On this Episode, we sit down and celebrate the 3 Year Anniversary of Bewilder Brewing Co. Join us as we talk with so many throughout Utah’s Craft Fermentation Industry while we “Stacheln” beers all day long!

The Tastemasters Team would like to thank all who were willing to be a part of this event/recording, for the beers who were stabbed, and for Bewilder Brewing for creating a spot for all of us to commune and celebrate! Cheers! Prost! Salud! Skal! Cin Cin! Kanpai!

Ep. 159: What’s An Australian Sparkling Ale?!

What is an Australian Sparkling Ale? Well, on this Episode, we introduce a style of beer that is not common along the Western side of the States. Categorized as a “Pale Commonwealth Beer” by the BJCP (Beer Judge Certification Program), this Australian beer has records of being brewed since the 19th Century. Similar to an English Pale Ale, but showcasing the signature yeast strain & hop variety.

Tune in to hear from some of the brewers of Proper Brewing Co. and Strap Tank Brewery on coming together for a collaborative effort to make this historic and unique beer from “Down Under.”

Ep. 158: Matt Burdick – Poetic Circle

On this Episode, we sit down with Head Brewer of Desert Edge Brewery, Matt Burdick. From humble beginnings in Colorado, Matt has made Utah a place he calls home. Matt had his first beer at Desert Edge many years ago. Fell in love with Craft Beer, caught “the bug” and had to know how to make an award winning beverage.

Tune in to hear how Matt’s life has drawn him to Desert Edge and how his full circle has been a trip of a lifetime! Head to Desert Edge Brewery to try some of Matt’s underrated and delicious beers.