Ep. 143: Wes Bowen – The Joy of Life!

On this Episode, we sit down with one of the biggest hearted individuals around, Wes Bowen. Wes comes from outside of Utah and has not looked back. From humble beginnings, Wes has been able to keep his head held high while following his creative and intuitive passion!

Currently brewing at Epic Brewing, Wes has had the opportunity to be a part of some amazing brews while learning from some of the best in the industry. Always smiling, you can catch Wes at other breweries expanding his knowledge and love for the art.

Ep. 142: APEX Brewing w/Tim Chappell

On this Episode, we sit down within the heart of Kiitos Brewing at talk with Owner/Brewer of APEX Brewing, Tim Chappell. Tim is an individual with many talents. From outdoor adventurer to traveler Tim has done it all. While living in China, Tim and his wife had this idea to run a very personal and vibrant brewery like none other. Currently in the process, APEX Brewing is under construction and set to open soon.

Tune in to learn more about Tim and his story. APEX Brewing is going to be another hot spot on South Salt Lake. Keep an eye out or follow APEX Brewing on all social media platforms for updates!

Ep. 141: Kyle Luce

On this Episode, we sit down with a secret weapon within the TF Brewing family, Kyle Luce. A transplant from California, Kyle has been in the beer world since he was 18. With experience from bar backing, bartending to draft maintenance, Kyle has done a ton within the brewing world. While working at Stone Brewery, Kyle was working to become certified as a brewer while going to school at UC Davis.

Tune in to hear more about Kyle’s beautiful story and how he fell in love with Utah and the Craft scene within.

Ep. 140: Becca Cardaccio

On this Episode, we sit down with one of our coolest friends, Becca Cardaccio! As manager of sales at Proper Brewing Co., Becca has been able to have her hand in the Utah Craft Community since 2018. A forever student, Becca has one of the most trained and sophisticated palates.

With many hats, Becca is always on the go with a smile across her face! Tune in to hear more of her back story as Merida Teot and David ask her questions while enjoying some of Becca’s favorite beverages.

Ep. 139: Grid City Music Fest LIVE!!

Tune in to hear the Tastemasters first posted LIVE show. Joined by everyones favorite, Bryce Huggins, we talk to loads of folks during the festival. Listen to some of the vendors, owners and some beautiful souls from within the Community.

Do not miss out on the Grid City Music Fest! Showcasing as many artist within the South Salt Lake area. Cannot wait to join/see you at the next festival!

Ep. 138: Outlaw Distillery

On this Episode, we sit down with the owner and Head Distiller of Outlaw Distillery, Tyler Halstead. An implant from California, Tyler has quickly fallen in love with the Craft scene in Utah. Throwing his heart and soul into a small project, Outlaw Distillery has now been raising some eyebrows and opening a plethora of palates. Products like their Bourbon Whiskey, Coffee Rum, White Whiskey, Moonshine and (our favorite) Honey Bourbon.

Tune in to hear more of Tyler’s story and why Outlaw Distillery belongs in our growing Community. Made with local ingredients and attention to detail, Outlaw Distillery is quickly becoming one of go-to sippers!

Ep. 137: The Brewer’s Bread

On this Episode, we sit down with the owners of “The Brewer’s Bread.” Adam and Kellee Curfew are hard at work perfecting their quality product with only four ingredients: Water, Salt, Flour, Yeast. Adam worked in the beer world for 20+ years until he decided he rather work along side his fabulous wife Kellee making delicious bread. Tune in to learn more about their story, process, and passion!

This Episode includes a pairing of both craft beer and craft bread. Do they actually go well together?

Ep. 136: Brennan Caley – The Farewell Brew

On this Episode, we have the chance to sit down with the most recent Head Brewer of Salt Flats Brewing, Brennan Caley. Taking the reins from Scott Parker, Brennan quickly learned the ‘ins and out’ of brewing and now knows at least two things! Running the helm has taught Brennan what it takes to be a quality brewer. Now on to a new adventure, Brennan and his lovely wife Jess are set to travel the world.

Ep. 135: Amanda – When it Randalls, it Pours!

On this tasty Episode, we sit down with our hilarious friend, Amanda Madsen who shares her knowledge of “Randall” with us. Ever heard of a Randall? We had no clue what a Randall was until Amanda opened our minds & palates. This is one of our most full-flavored Episodes yet!

Tune in to hear more about the incredible journey that Amanda has gone through along her life. From traveling, near death experiences, to her love of craft beer, she has done it all! Never a quitter and always loving smile, Amanda is truly a gift in our Community!

Ep. 134: The Don-Father

On this Episode, we sit down with one of the most genuine humans you could ever meet, Don! You may have seen him running around Shades Brewing, along side Tanya during her hilarious videos, or covered in medals. Today, we had the chance to sit next to Don and pick his brain and hear his story.

Tune in to hear a little more background to what makes Don such a bona fide badass! From traveling to home brewing, Don’s repertoire is enormous. As soon as you meet Don, you will fall in love with the spirit that is “The Don-Father.”