Episode 47: Mexican Cervezas with Hollypeno

On this Episode, the lovely Holly joins the Tastemasters as they pair fish tacos and Mexican Style Lagers! Holly is a local independent Interior Designer, a fashion connoisseur and fitness lover! Join us as the Tastemasters try to open the palate of Holly with a little local culture and spice!

Featured Beer includes: Aqua Del Diablo by Silver Reef Brewing Co., Fisher Cerveza by Fisher Brewing Co., and Hot Rod by Strap Tank Brewing Co.

Episode 46: Black is Beautiful with KB

Weathered Souls Brewing Co. out of San Antonio, TX, started an awareness for the injustices people of color have faced daily; thus their label “Black is Beautiful” was born!!

In order to grasp a better understanding on this subject, the Tastemasters reached out to one of their dearest friends KB. KB is an amazing individual who grew up in the Projects of LA from a single mother home and has become an inspirational story! Tune in as KB’s story is one worth benefitting from!

Episode 45: Interview with Cody McKendrick – Head Brewer of Bewilder Brewing Co.

On this Episode, the Tastemasters interview the Head Brewer of Bewilder Brewing Company, Cody McKendrick! Cody brings his newest and first high point beer to the table – a Mole Porter!! In honor of Dia de Los Muertos, the Latin inspired beer has all the Cocoa, Cinnamon, and Chipotle Peppers you need to make the most delicious brew for this amazing Holiday! Also, the Tastemasters get to know Cody and why he is quickly making a name for himself amongst Top Tier Brewers in Utah!

Episode 44: Ciders with Craft Cider Advocate Matthew Ostrander Pt. 3

Part 3 of this Cider-Trilogy is the “icing on the cake” as the Tastemasters close their influential interview with Cider Advocate Matthew Ostrander.

Tune in as Matt takes Cider knowledge to an even higher level explaining Imperial Ciders, Hopped Ciders (for those IPA drinkers), a Habanero/Hatch/Jalapeno INFUSED Cider and much more!! Whether you are a devout wine, beer, liquor or cocktail drinker, this episode will have you longing for a Cider!

Episode 43: Ciders with Craft Cider Advocate Matthew Ostrander Pt. 2

Join us for Part 2 with Cider expert Matthew Ostrander! On this Episode, Matthew takes us on the journey through Ciders in today’s day in age, Champagne-styled Cider, fruited Ciders, and how to bring Ciders near you!

Episode 42: Ciders with Craft Cider Advocate Matthew Ostrander Pt. 1

Utah’s Own Craft Cider Advocate Matthew Ostrander joins us to further expand our knowledge on Ciders! Matthew has been working with the DABC, restaurants, and bars to help the Cider scene expand within Utah. With over 800 reviews on HardCiderReviews.com Matthew definitely brings a vast and epereinced palate to the table!

Join us as Matthew takes the Tastemasters on the History of Apples, History of Cider and SO much more!

Episode 41: Rye in Beers

What is Rye? Why is it in beers? Is it any good? Tune in as the Tastemasters go over the importance of rye and all it’s glory! Also, the Tastemasters try to pair delicious cheeses with A. Fisher Brewing Co. Cream Rye Ale!

Episode 40: Pumpkin Beers with Dallin

Tis the season for EVERYTHING Pumpkin!! On this Episode, with special guest Dallin Curry, we talk about some of the best Pumpkin Beers readily available for you to try this season! Tune in as the Tastemasters explain the history behind Pumpkin in beer, how Pumpkin is put in beer, and why your next beer should kick off with a Pumpkin beer!

Episode 39: Uinta’s Pina Colada Milkshake Pale Ale

A MILKSHAKE BEER?! What the?! What makes a beer into a Milkshake? Does it actually taste like a tropical island Pina Colada?!Well, we had to give this one a try ASAP!! Tune in as the Tastemasters break down and educate you on what makes a beer turn into a “Milkshake.”

Episode 38: Last Minute Summertime Beers

With the Summer season coming to a close, there are still incredible beers to crush before the heat turns down for the remainder of the year! Tune in as the Tastemasters share with you their choice on which beers you should try before the Summer is over!