Ep. 58: Holystone’s Head Distiller Ethan Miller

On this Episode, the Tastemasters sit down with Head Distiller of Holystone Distilling, Ethan Miller. While starting his distilling career amongst the well known High West Distillery, Ethan has spent over a decade perfecting his art from New Deal Distillery in Oregon to Dented Brick in Salt Lake County. Not only is Ethan producing top-shelf quality liquor, he is also the only distiller in Utah who makes “Navy Strength Gin,” “Absinthe,” “Shochu,” and a jaw dropping purplish-blue gin that is a tribute to Breast Cancer Warriors! Truly a master at his craft and is continuing to push the bar higher for Craft Liquor.

Tune in as we talk with the man behind the magic of Bosun’s Navy Strength Gin, Perla Vodka, Apparition Absinthe Verte, Tsunami Shochu, and their most recent gin Cerulea. *Disclosure* Once you drink Holystone… You cannot go back to anything less!!

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