Ep. 64: The Ladies of Pink Boots Utah!!

Words CANNOT explain how amazing this Episode is… On this Episode, Tastemaster David interviews some of the ladies of the “Pink Boots Utah Chapter.” It’s a National Society who’s motto is: “…to assist, inspire and encourage women fermented/alcoholic beverage industry professionals to advance their careers through education. ” Find out how beer is “…not about how many or what kinds you can drink, it’s about the people your drink it with.” -Lauren Learch. Trust us, this Episode is a MUST LISTEN TO!!

Ladies of Pink Boots Utah (on this Episode) include: Julia Shuler, Brewer at Strap Tank Brewery, Jamie Burnham, Distiller at Ogden’s Own, Krin Riedel, Beer Traffic Controller aka “Brewer Mom,” Jacquie King, Head of R & D at Roosters Brewing and current Co-Chair, and Lauren Lerch Brewing Supervisor at Unita and current Chapter Chair!

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