Ep. 201: Old Town Cellars

Old Town Cellars (OTC) is a prominent winery situated on Main Street in Historic Park City, Utah. Under the leadership of Stephen MacKay, OTC distinguishes itself by utilizing superior wines to create unique and rare blends. the winery offers a luxurious 5-Star lounge where patrons can indulge in the experience of savoring handcrafted wines. The combination of exquisite wines and a top-notch atmosphere makes Old Town Cellars a sought-after destination for wine enthusiast seeking a memorable and refined tasting experience in one of the most charming locations on the planet!

Ep. 116: Patrick Bourque – Offset Bier Co.

On this Episode, we sit down to learn more about the artist behind the scenes of Offset Bier Co, Patrick Bourque. Being a part of Park City’s newest breweries, Patrick is taking his experience, knowledge, and passion to the next level. Sticking close to traditional styles, Patrick has been releasing bier such as: Wiess Kolsch, Altbier, Strata Pale, DOPO-House Hoppy, and much more. Offset is quickly turning heads, opening palates, and blowing minds. Joined by our good friend and Head Brewer of Wasatch-Park City, Nil Imboden, David and Nils delve into the brewing path of Patrick and why they make Park City better.

Ep. 102: Nils Imboden; Artist Behind the Copper Kettle

On this Episode, honorary Tastemaster and dear friend, Libby Taylor, joins us as we sit down with Head Brewer of Wasatch in Park City, Nils Imboden. Nils is beyond his years within the brewing world. The second you meet Nils, you will understand what it means to have fun and passion within brewing. Oh, and Nils runs the oldest brewery in Utah with a Copper Kettle. Tune in to learn more about the artist behind the scenes!