Ep. 204: Policy Kings

Get ready to raise your glasses and tune in to our latest episode, where we shine a spotlight on Policy Kings, the trailblazing brewery revolutionizing Cedar City, Utah! Join hosts Dre & Sara as they take you on a flavorful journey through the challenges and triumphs of being the first and only brewery in the area. From navigating uncharted territories to infusing their unique vibes into every sip, Policy Kings is rewriting the craft beer narrative one pint at a time.

But that’s not all – discover the inspiring story behind this dynamic duo, proudly owning their identity as a Black-owned business and leaving an indelible mark on the brewing scene. With their irresistible brews flying off the draft lines, Policy Kings is not just a brewery; it’s a movement. Don’t miss out on this refreshing episode packed with passion, resilience, and the perfect blend of hops and heart.

Ep. 202: Utah Ale Trail 2023

📅 Recorded in Fall 2023, Released Now

Join the Tastemasters Framily as we take you on a vibrant journey through Utah’s craft beer scene in this latest episode. Presented by the passionate team at Third Sun—Jocelyn, Gabriel, Delaney, and Troy—this special episode serves as a delightful reminder of the joyous “Utah Ale Trail’s Fall Crawl.”

The adventure kicks off at Mtn. West Cider during their Fall Party, where the team captures the essence of the season by witnessing the pressing of apples for the Green Urban Lunchbox series. From the crisp, fresh aroma of apples to the lively atmosphere of the Fall Party, the hosts immerse themselves in the heart of the local craft scene.

But the real highlight lies in the conversations with the community members and the dedicated Third Sun team. Jocelyn, Gabriel, Delaney, and Troy share their insights, experiences, and the mission behind supporting Utah’s local craft brews. The episode becomes a celebration of the passion that drives the craft beer/fermentation community in Utah.

Tune in and join the Tastemasters Framily as they share stories, laughter, and the vibrant spirit of the Utah Ale Trail’s Fall Crawl. Whether you’re a craft beer enthusiast or simply curious about the local flavors, this episode is a must-listen.

🍻 Cheers to the Utah Ale Trail and the craft beer community! 🍻

Ep. 201: Old Town Cellars

Old Town Cellars (OTC) is a prominent winery situated on Main Street in Historic Park City, Utah. Under the leadership of Stephen MacKay, OTC distinguishes itself by utilizing superior wines to create unique and rare blends. the winery offers a luxurious 5-Star lounge where patrons can indulge in the experience of savoring handcrafted wines. The combination of exquisite wines and a top-notch atmosphere makes Old Town Cellars a sought-after destination for wine enthusiast seeking a memorable and refined tasting experience in one of the most charming locations on the planet!

Ep. 200: Return of the Duo!

Celebrate The Tastemasters’ monumental 200th episode and 4-year anniversary! In this special installment, the dynamic duo, Wyatt and David, reunite to share not only laughs and memories, but also to reflect on the incredible journey that has defined The Tastemasters. As they catch up and reminisce about old times, the episode becomes a powerful testament to the enduring spirit of their podcast.

Join the celebration for a trip down memory lane, where nostalgia intertwines with the essence of what makes The Tastemasters unique. Tune in for a powerful episode that not only encapsulates the magic of the past four years, but also sparks anticipation for the exciting moments yet to come in The Tastemasters’ journey.

Ep. 199: Utah’s Spirit Trail REVISITED!

On this Episode, we embark on a whimsical adventure as Charles Johnson, ruled by boundless enthusiasm, takes us on a throwback episode of “Utah’s Spirit Trail.” Picture this: a magical bus journey weaving through the stunning landscapes of Utah, with Charles as your spirited guide, leading a distillery trail like no other. There is no other in the state quite like Charles with such passion amongst our distillers. Join us in raising a glass to the enchanting fusion of travel, taste, and time on this Tastemasters throwback episode.

Cheers to Charles Johnson and the spellbinding Utah’s Spirit Trail!

Ep. 198: Lady Legends at One Table – Revisited

People often ask us, “Have you ever been nervous in front of guests?” Well, picture this: a table filled with some of the most incredible women in the Utah fermentation scene. Yeah, nerve-racking doesn’t quite cover it!

But you know what? It turned out to be one of the most star-powered episodes we’ve ever done. Today, we’re bringing you a Throwback conversation with the phenomenal Jacquie King, Krin Ridel, Jamie Burnham, Lauren Lerch, and Julia Shuler—legends in their own right, who’ve now become not just idols, but dear friends!

These women are the real deal in the fermentation world, and today’s episode is like a power-packed fermenting symphony. So, buckle up and get ready for a ride as we uncork the stories, insights, and a whole lot of pizzazz from these inspiring women! #TastemastersLegacy

Ep. 197: Beers with Dr. B – Revisited

In a special episode etched into the annals of Tastemasters history, we had the distinct honor of hosting the late Dr. Bristol Sorensen. A seasoned traveler and an ardent tea enthusiast, Dr. B brought a unique palate that didn’t particularly favor beer. However, in the spirit of culinary exploration, our hosts, Wyatt and David, took up the challenge.

What unfolded was a delightful odyssey, a testament to the belief that those who claim not to like beer merely haven’t encountered their perfect brew. With a blend of camaraderie and expertise, Wyatt and David skillfully navigated Dr. B’s taste preferences, determined to uncover a beer that would captivate her palate.

Join us in celebrating this memorable episode, where the worlds of tea and beer converged, proving that the right beer for everyone is just waiting to be discovered. A tribute to Dr. Bristol Sorensen’s adventurous spirit and the belief that there’s a beer out there for everyone, waiting to be savored. #TastemastersLegacy

Ep. 196: Buffalo Revisited

Delving into the Tastemasters’ treasure trove of memories, we’re transported back to our early days when we had the privilege of interviewing Marcio Buffalo, who was the Head Brewer at Shades Brewing Company at the time. Little did we anticipate that Marcio would go on to achieve a remarkable collection of medals, as if they were becoming a rare commodity. More than just a professional connection, he evolved into a dear friend and an endless source of assistance and inspiration.

On this Episode, you’ll hear the voice of Wyatt Snyder. Wyatt was one of the original Tastemasters. Without him, we would not be here today. As we reflect on the swift passage of time, we sincerely hope that you relish this nostalgic gem from our archives as much as we do. Here’s to treasured memories and the incredible journeys they propel us on!

Ep. 195: Homebrewing At Its Finest

Dwight from Gossorino Brewing and Justin from Wood Brewing are both passionate Home Brewers who have honed the art of crafting exceptional Craft Beer. Their dedication to their craft goes beyond simply making beer; it’s a labor of love. This Episode serves as a valuable bridge between the realms of homebrewing and commercial brewing, highlighting the camaraderie that exists within the brewing community.

Regardless of whether you’re brewing in your garage or at a commercial scale, what truly matters is the heart and passion you put into your craft. This Episode emphasizes that as long as that love for beer is present, the result will always be great beer. Dwight and Justin’s journey showcases that the spirit of brewing transcends boundaries and brings together individuals who share a common love for the art of brewing, creating a vibrant and supportive community that celebrates the magic of Craft Beer.