Ep. 124: Melissa Dahud – Voice of Diversity

On this Episode, we sit down with one our dear friends, and local badasses, Melissa Dahud! Within this powerful Episode, we have the chance to hear about Mel’s story in depth. Plus, learn about how many hats she wears within the Community such as: Member of the Pink Boot Society, Member of the BG Beer Wenches, Member of the LGBTQ+ Community, and more.

Not only do we talk about the challenges within being a minority within so many groups, but steps we can all take to make this Community better with every step! Mel’s voice is one of many that deserves to be heard! Tune in to help us in taking the next steps.

Ep. 118: Brown Gradient Beer Wenches

On this Episode, we sit down with the ladies of the Brown Gradient Beer Wenches. It is all laughs and beer talk as we learn about Diaz, Steph, Mel and Ree! Each lady has a unique background, story, and love for craft beer. What started as a bunch of friends just vibing, has slowly turned into something bigger… becoming voices for women of color in the Utah Craft Beer Scene.