Ep. 137: The Brewer’s Bread

On this Episode, we sit down with the owners of “The Brewer’s Bread.” Adam and Kellee Curfew are hard at work perfecting their quality product with only four ingredients: Water, Salt, Flour, Yeast. Adam worked in the beer world for 20+ years until he decided he rather work along side his fabulous wife Kellee making delicious bread. Tune in to learn more about their story, process, and passion!

This Episode includes a pairing of both craft beer and craft bread. Do they actually go well together?

Ep. 136: Brennan Caley – The Farewell Brew

On this Episode, we have the chance to sit down with the most recent Head Brewer of Salt Flats Brewing, Brennan Caley. Taking the reins from Scott Parker, Brennan quickly learned the ‘ins and out’ of brewing and now knows at least two things! Running the helm has taught Brennan what it takes to be a quality brewer. Now on to a new adventure, Brennan and his lovely wife Jess are set to travel the world.

Ep. 135: Amanda – When it Randalls, it Pours!

On this tasty Episode, we sit down with our hilarious friend, Amanda Madsen who shares her knowledge of “Randall” with us. Ever heard of a Randall? We had no clue what a Randall was until Amanda opened our minds & palates. This is one of our most full-flavored Episodes yet!

Tune in to hear more about the incredible journey that Amanda has gone through along her life. From traveling, near death experiences, to her love of craft beer, she has done it all! Never a quitter and always loving smile, Amanda is truly a gift in our Community!

Ep. 134: The Don-Father

On this Episode, we sit down with one of the most genuine humans you could ever meet, Don! You may have seen him running around Shades Brewing, along side Tanya during her hilarious videos, or covered in medals. Today, we had the chance to sit next to Don and pick his brain and hear his story.

Tune in to hear a little more background to what makes Don such a bona fide badass! From traveling to home brewing, Don’s repertoire is enormous. As soon as you meet Don, you will fall in love with the spirit that is “The Don-Father.”

Ep. 133: Sean Petersen – The Secret Weapon

On this Episode, we sit down with the secret weapon of knowledge and passion within the Utah Craft Beer Scene, Sean Petersen. Sean, has an incredible life story and we are lucky to be able to share it with all of you. As one of the brewers at Wasatch/ Squatters, Sean is a golden example of determination and hard work.

From home brewing to brewing at one of the coolest brewery’s in Utah, Sean cannot stop and will not stop developing his intelligence along his path.

Ep. 132: Clear Water Distilling Co.

On this Episode, we are showcasing Utah County’s only Distillery, Clear Water Distilling Co. Joined by CEO/Distiller, Matt Eau Claire, we pick his mind during a tasting of the unique spirits offered at CWD. Such as: ScandaLust Cinnamon Whiskey, Rene RyeMagnac and a special Collaboration Whiskey that has not been released to the public.

Backed by an incredible team, Clear Water Distilling is an award distillery that express creativity and passion without ever skimping out on quality. Opened 7 days a week (yeah, they can sell liquor on Sunday’s) stop on by to try this fantastic Distillery while enjoying a cigar or two.

Ep. 131: Jimena – The Accountant

On this Episode, we showcase an up and coming artist within the Brewing World, Jimena! Jimena is one of the newest members of the Squatters/Wasatch Framily. From the heart of Utah, Jimena has a very unique story. In this episode, we dive into family, religion, cultures, occupation, and more. Tune in to hear her incredible story and how she is helping make this Community more powerful!

Ep. 130: Urban Sailor Coffee w/Mindful Coffee

Our good friends from Mindful Coffee have combined forces with another local coffee shop, Urban Sailor Coffee. Joined with our friend, Scott Haley, we sit down with owners Tyler & Archer Anderson as we talk shop.

You will IMMEDIATELY be blown away with the beautiful selections of coffee, pastries and amazingly kind staff. Urban Sailor Coffee has the coolest “Sidecar Motorcycle Coffee Bar” that actually functions as a bar and drivable bike. Located at 1327 E. 2100 S. suite 102 in Sugarhouse, this is the next coffee shop to turn heads and add to our Community!

Ep. 129: Merida Teot – Lady in the Desert

On this Episode, we have the chance to learn more about our friend, Merida Teot! Merida is a Colorado born turned into a shining star within Utah! Currently working within the heart of Uinta Brewing Co., Merida has quickly learned what it means to become enveloped in Utah’s vast Craft Beer scene! Along with being an avid member in the Pink Boots Utah Chapter, Merida is easily the best cheerleader you could ever ask for!

Tune in to hear more about her story and what it takes to be a “Lady in the Desert!”

Ep. 128: Tanya Sapula – Queers & Beers

Happy Pride Week! On this Episode, we are joined with one of our favorite humans, Tanya Sapula. A native from Connecticut, Tanya has quickly made Utah her new home! Listen in as Tanya slowly followed her path along the brewing community in Utah. Tanya stands for so much in this Community. Tune in to understand why someone who is a beer enthusiast can make an incredible impact with their community!

Almost doing about “almost everything” in the Utah Craft Beer scene, Tanya is someone who can pick you up when you fall down! Powered behind her own intuition and a proud member of the LGBTQ+ Community, Tanya continues to SLAY it!! Join us as we celebrate what a pure soul can do for this Community! “Go out there and be YOU!!”