Ep. 167: Salt Flats Brewers w/ Eric, Karson & Elizabeth

On this Episode, we sit down with the current Brew Team at Salt Flats Brewing Co. Lead by Eric Buehner, Salt Flats has been fine tuning and becoming better than ever! With Karson and Elizabeth assisting, Salt Flats Brewery is turning heads and crafting beautiful brews.

Tune in to hear a more in depth story of who these three artists are, how they started in the Brewing Industry, and what they have in store for Salt Flats Brewery. Keep an out for new beer and collaborations coming from the Salt Flats Team!

Ep. 165: Salt Flats Spirits w/Trent and Rachel

On this Episode, we sit down in the heart of Salt Flats Brewery with Trent and Rachel! Within the walls of the Brewery is also the Distillery. With Trent Moore at the helm and a newly upgraded Still, Salt Flats Spirits continues to grow and impress! With a beautiful line up of Spirits and Cocktails in a Can, Salt Flats Spirits brings home award after award.

Tune more to hear a deeper story from both Trent and Rachel. Also, what is new and exciting for the team at Salt Flats Spirits. Keep an eye out for new releases and exciting news soon to come!

Ep. 123: Harry Pendergrast

On this Episode, we sit down with our dear friend Harry Pendergrast. Harry has been a long time supporter and homebrewer behind the scenes. Starting within the world of Kombucha, Harry finally found a small niche within Salt Flats Brewery. As a current Brewer at Salt Flats Brewery, Harry has his hands inside the creation of Craft Beers and loves helping take charge of anything FIRKIN!!

Tune in as we learn more about Harry’s background, future endeavors, and what it takes to create a funky firkin! Harry is the prime example of what it takes to lead with passion within the brewing community!