Ep. 193: Hulking Boy Giant

Mike, Brian, and Cam are the driving forces behind Hulking Boy Giant, a local band whose unwavering passion reverberates not only within the band itself but also through their music. Artists often wield diverse mediums to convey their messages. When it comes to drawing parallels and exploring the unique facets of beer and music, the conversation in this interview was nothing short of extraordinary.

Tune in to this episode to witness the seamless fusion of these two expressive mediums and experience art at its most profound and heartfelt. Also, Hulking Boy Giant will be performing at Ice Haus Friday September 22, 2023 in honor of releasing their newest Album!

Ep. 191: Mr. Best of Both Worlds

Brian Best, a brewer at Bewilder Brewing Co, emerges from the tapestry of humble beginnings, his journey interwoven with threads of passion and perseverance. Originating from a profound love for music, Brian’s early introduction to the world of rhythm began with his embrace of the drums, a pivotal point in his life that ignited a flame of dedication. With each beat of the drum, he set forth on a path of creativity and self-expression that harmonized seamlessly with his love for brewing. As fate would have it, Brian’s passion for crafting music translated effortlessly into the art of crafting beer, where he found a new canvas upon which to pour his heart and soul. On this Episode, Mr. Best pairs music with crafted beer.

Brian’s life unfolds like a vibrant symphony, painted with the hues of adventure, camaraderie, and the unmistakable notes of a well-lived life. Amidst the backdrop of melodies and the effervescent hum of brewing equipment, he embraces each day with an infectious smile, embodying a spirit that thrives on making the most of every moment. Rooted in the foundations of family, friends, and cherished loved ones, Brian’s journey radiates with an undeniable zest for life. His dedication to both his craft and the art of savoring life’s treasures serves as an inspiration, reminding us all that the pursuit of passion and the cultivation of joy can harmoniously intertwine to create a symphony of fulfillment.