Ep. 125: Brewers Brazilian BBQ

On this Episode, we have the pleasure of being served homemade Brazilian BBQ by our dear local Brazilian Brewer, Marcio Buffalo! While having our bellies full of great eats, we have 5 Brewers at one table: Clay Turnbow (Kiitos), Marcio Buffalo (Shades), Jason Stock (Squatters), Chad Hopkins (Hopkins), and David (Strap Tank).

Tune in to hear what’s new at these local breweries, what’s new with the brewers themselves, and what happens when you put 5 incredible brewers at one table!

Ep. 110: Clay & Shane Turnbow – Kiitos Brewing

On this Episode, we are joined by our guest Co-Host, Melissa Diaz (aka Beer Wench and Cupcake Guru)! We sit down with Head Manager Shane and Head Brewer Clay of Kiitos Brewing and discuss what it takes to be an Award-Winning Brewery and pour their iconic Pickle Beer!