Ep. 195: Homebrewing At Its Finest

Dwight from Gossorino Brewing and Justin from Wood Brewing are both passionate Home Brewers who have honed the art of crafting exceptional Craft Beer. Their dedication to their craft goes beyond simply making beer; it’s a labor of love. This Episode serves as a valuable bridge between the realms of homebrewing and commercial brewing, highlighting the camaraderie that exists within the brewing community.

Regardless of whether you’re brewing in your garage or at a commercial scale, what truly matters is the heart and passion you put into your craft. This Episode emphasizes that as long as that love for beer is present, the result will always be great beer. Dwight and Justin’s journey showcases that the spirit of brewing transcends boundaries and brings together individuals who share a common love for the art of brewing, creating a vibrant and supportive community that celebrates the magic of Craft Beer.