Ep. 210: Etta Place – Session Mead Release

Today, we embark on a journey to the breathtaking landscapes of Torrey, Utah, home to the remarkable Etta Place Cider (ok, maybe in Salt Lake City this go-around).

Nestled in this picturesque setting, Robert, Ann, and Travis are not just cider makers; they are true craftsmen, weaving their passion and expertise into every batch they produce. At Etta Place, the art of cider making isn’t just a process; it’s a heartfelt endeavor that honors tradition while embracing innovation.

Join us as we uncover the story behind Etta Place Cider, exploring the blend of artistry, dedication, and reverence for nature that infuses every sip of their remarkable creations. From the orchard to the bottle, Robert, Ann, and Travis exemplify what it means to take the “craft” into cider making, crafting not just beverages but experiences that captivate the senses and nourish the soul.

Get ready to immerse yourself in the world of “Session Meads” by Etta Place Cider, where the beauty of Torrey, Utah, meets the artistry of fermentation.

Ep. 202: Utah Ale Trail 2023

📅 Recorded in Fall 2023, Released Now

Join the Tastemasters Framily as we take you on a vibrant journey through Utah’s craft beer scene in this latest episode. Presented by the passionate team at Third Sun—Jocelyn, Gabriel, Delaney, and Troy—this special episode serves as a delightful reminder of the joyous “Utah Ale Trail’s Fall Crawl.”

The adventure kicks off at Mtn. West Cider during their Fall Party, where the team captures the essence of the season by witnessing the pressing of apples for the Green Urban Lunchbox series. From the crisp, fresh aroma of apples to the lively atmosphere of the Fall Party, the hosts immerse themselves in the heart of the local craft scene.

But the real highlight lies in the conversations with the community members and the dedicated Third Sun team. Jocelyn, Gabriel, Delaney, and Troy share their insights, experiences, and the mission behind supporting Utah’s local craft brews. The episode becomes a celebration of the passion that drives the craft beer/fermentation community in Utah.

Tune in and join the Tastemasters Framily as they share stories, laughter, and the vibrant spirit of the Utah Ale Trail’s Fall Crawl. Whether you’re a craft beer enthusiast or simply curious about the local flavors, this episode is a must-listen.

🍻 Cheers to the Utah Ale Trail and the craft beer community! 🍻

Ep. 190: Second Summit Hard Cider Co.

As anticipation reaches its crescendo, the long-awaited grand opening of Second Summit Hard Cider Co. emerges on the horizon like a beacon of refined taste and conviviality. With unwavering dedication and a shared vision, Head Cider Maker Brandon and the versatile Chief Operations Officer, Joe, have meticulously woven their expertise and aspirations into the fabric of this establishment. Nestled in the heart of Millcreek, Utah, this gem of a cidery stands as a testament to their craft, a manifestation of their dreams realized. Beyond the doors of Second Summit Hard Cider Co. lies a haven for cider aficionados and seekers of camaraderie alike. The carefully cultivated ambiance, complete with the resounding echoes of pickleball matches and the comforting hum of laughter, seamlessly intertwines with the exceptional libations crafted within. A symphony of flavors awaits, as their ciders, crafted with the utmost care and precision, beckon the palate to indulge in a sensory journey that reflects both artistry and innovation.

This weekend’s grand opening marks not only the culmination of tireless effort but also the inception of a new chapter in Utah’s cider landscape. Second Summit Hard Cider Co. stands as a testament to the harmonious marriage of passion and dedication, encapsulating the spirit of community and refined taste that Brandon, Joe, and their team (shoutout Ms. Vicki & Julie) have woven into its very essence. As the doors swing open, inviting all to partake in the revelry, the cidery’s pickleball courts and impeccable ciders stand ready to welcome patrons into a world where the pursuit of excellence intertwines seamlessly with the joy of companionship. It is with eager anticipation that enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike await the grand unveiling of this haven, poised to become an enduring touchstone for the cider enthusiasts of Millcreek and beyond.

Ep. 170: Mtn West Cider’s Dream Team

Prepare yourselves. With Marcio Buffalo at the cider making helm and with legendary Erika Palmer by his side, Cider just became better than ever! Since leaving the craft beer world and adding new array of skills to his resume, Marcio has been dialing in Mtn West Cider while still being able to add some of his creative pizazz. Who better than Erika Palmer to be the mouthpiece of this new endeavor.

Watch out for updated classic flagships like: Ruby, Cottonwood, 7 Mile, etc. Keep an eye out for new drops such as: Cherry Noir, Somme Paloma, and Special Limited Releases! We can tell you more, but tuning in will teach you all you need to know.

Shoutout to John Barkiple of SLUG Magazine who was able to join us and be the wonderful photographer of this Episode.

Ep. 147: Scion Cider Bar LIVE – Part 1

On this Episode, with Co-Host, Melissa Diaz, we sit down with multiple guests while Scion Cider is up and roaring. From new updates to new voices, this episode has it all! We also have all our guests do a “Sidra Long Pour” in honor of Spanish wine traditions.

Tune in to hear from Patrick Bourque of Offset Bier, Brett Markum, Simon, Delaney (Utah Ale Trail) and Utah’s only Pommelier, Matthew Ostrander. Loaded Episode at the Utah’s best Cider Bar!

Ep. 126: Single Varietal Cider Apples

On this Episode, we sit down with our favorite Cider Broker in Utah, Matthew Ostrander of Ibantik Craft Beverages. Matthew has been educating Utah with Cider one apple at a time. Today, he teaches us the what “Single Varietal Cider” means and how one apple can be manipulated to produce an amazing end product.

Tune in to learn an in depth knowledge of Single Varietal Cider. For more information on anything Cider related, visit ibantikbev.com to chat with Matthew. He’s our go-to and we would love to educate the Community about Cider.

Ep. 111: Scion Cider Bar

Ready for the next greatest place to be in 2022?! Scion Cider Bar is Utah’s first Cider focused bar that will also be making Ciders within their walls in the near future. With over 150 Imported Ciders to choose from and 20 Ciders on tap, Scion Cider Bar is bringing an all new tasting experience to Salt Lake City. Tune in to learn more behind the scenes while we interview Rio Connelly and Elisabeth Osmeloski.

Ep. 109: Bierstacheln

Beer + Fire = Bierstaheln! Bierstacheln (pronounced “beer shta-hll”) is an historic technique from Germany which means “Beer Spike” or “Beer Sting.” During this episode Tastemaster David is joined with Jason Stock, Kevin Templin and Joel Goodwillie to test out this old school technique. This trick is used with a heated metal rod and instantaneously forces the residual sugars in beer to caramelize and bring out a creamy marshmallow-ey character.

This is a fun Episode you do not want to miss out on!

Ep. 83: Cider Maker Joel of Mountain West Cidery

On this Episode, we sit down with Cider Maker Joel Goodwillie of Mountain West Cidery. From the Pacific-Northwest, Joel comes from a background of wine making with over 20 years of experience. While finding a new home in Utah, Joel has quickly helped make a name for Mountain West Cider. Listen how Joel converted from the grape vine to the apple tree.

Also, Cider Maker Joel and Tastemaster David teamed up to make a “Small Batch Cider.” Tune in to see how Joel and David’s first joint experimental cider turned out!