Episode 30: Hard Ciders with Dr. Bristol Sorensen

Is Hard Cider just for the Winter holiday seasons? Is it just apple juice with alcohol? Well, returning guest Dr. Bristol Sorensen “Dr. B” had these questions for the Tastemasters. Tune in to see them walk her palate through Imported, Domestic, and Local Ciders!

Episode 28: Hard Seltzers with Nyahka!

HARD SELTZERS!! Are they all the same? Are you basic for drinking them? Whether you love or hate White Claws, not ALL Hard Seltzers taste the same!! On this Episode, our dear friend Nyahka (who does NOT like beer) joins us as we try to open her palate on a wide variety of Hard Seltzers!

Episode 26: Cocktail Drinks To-Go

Not a fan of Beer? Well, the folks at Salt Flats Brewery in Salt Lake City, Utah have a solution for you! Tune in as the Tastemasters review their Cocktail Drinks To-Go and dive into the world of Bartending. By the end of this Episode, you cannot say “I don’t like beer.” There’s a beer out there for you!

Episode 25: Local IPAs that Scream UTAH!!

Is Uinta’s Cutthroat the “Sierra Nevada Pale Ale” of Utah?! In the beginning, Tastemasters David and Wyatt were NOT fans of Pale Ales or IPAs. However, through the amazing and underrated Brewmasters and Brewers of Utah, their opinions have changed completely! Tune in to see which local IPAs the Tastemasters currently recommend!