Ep. 67: Utah’s Spirit Trail

On this Episode, we sit down with our friend Charles Johnson of Utah’s Spirit Trail! Charles has become the biggest advocate for Utah ONLY Distilleries. Realizing the pure passion and depth of our local distillers, Charles created the Trail to help bring more spotlight on the brilliance of these artists! Tune in to learn how to become a part of Utah’s Spirit Trail!

Derik DeBoard (Head Brewer of Strap Tank Brewery) Co-hosts with our Tastemaster David.

This Episode is sponsored by: Hopkins Brewing Co.

Ep. 66: Exploding Gimmick Beers

On this Episode, the Tastemasters acquired “beers” that have been exploding once they leave certain breweries! Your mind and palate will be blown when you hear about the beers we have from a Pancake beer, all the way to a Pickle beer.

Head Brewers Derik DeBoard (Strap Tank Brewing Co.) and Chad Hopkins (Hopkins Brewery Co.) join us as they explain what the difference is in a Berliner Weisse vs a “Smoothie Sour” Berliner Weisse. All of this while trying them before they explode!

Ep. 65: Kenzi of Mtn Dweller Photography

On this Episode, the Tastemasters sit down with their new friend Kenzi of Mtn Dweller Photography. Her art is influenced by the southwest, the desert and the mountains. Kenzi captivates everything with her handy camera from astrophotography to beer and landscapes to Dude-oirs!! She is well traveled and has been anywhere from Utah to Italy and possibly all the way to Mount Doom in Mordor!

Kenzi shares her reflection on self-motivation, purpose and perspective. Kenzi is an artist who truly opens her mind and eye to a viewpoint that is absolutely captivating! Tune in as you will learn what it means to “take a step back” and truly appreciate what life has in store for you!

Ep. 64: The Ladies of Pink Boots Utah!!

Words CANNOT explain how amazing this Episode is… On this Episode, Tastemaster David interviews some of the ladies of the “Pink Boots Utah Chapter.” It’s a National Society who’s motto is: “…to assist, inspire and encourage women fermented/alcoholic beverage industry professionals to advance their careers through education. ” Find out how beer is “…not about how many or what kinds you can drink, it’s about the people your drink it with.” -Lauren Learch. Trust us, this Episode is a MUST LISTEN TO!!

Ladies of Pink Boots Utah (on this Episode) include: Julia Shuler, Brewer at Strap Tank Brewery, Jamie Burnham, Distiller at Ogden’s Own, Krin Riedel, Beer Traffic Controller aka “Brewer Mom,” Jacquie King, Head of R & D at Roosters Brewing and current Co-Chair, and Lauren Lerch Brewing Supervisor at Unita and current Chapter Chair!

Ep. 63: A Song of Ice & Cider

On this Episode, the Tastemasters learn what Ice and Dessert Ciders are from our dear friends Matthew Ostrander of Ibantik Craft beverages and his lovely wife Elisabeth. Learn how freezing and the cold can change the outcome of ciders. Any one with a sweet tooth or a fine palate will crave these ciders!

Big thanks to Matthew and Elisabeth for sharing their wide collection Liberty Ciderworks and Eden Ciders for making some of the best Ice Ciders around!

Ep. 62: Liberty and Cider for All!

With popular demand (and selfish reasons), we brought back our dear Cider friends Matthew Ostrander and his lovely wife Elisabeth. Matthew is the Chief Cider Curator of Ibantik Craft Beverages and is helping Utah BLOW UP with craft ciders brought in from all over the country!! Join the Tastemasters as Matthew and Elisabeth showcase their collection of craft ciders with a cheese paring thanks to Liberty Heights Fresh.

Ciders on this Episode include: Liberty Ciderwork’s Raven Oak & 55 Chain, Big B’s Snow Daze, and Western Cider’s The Colonial. Trust us when we say, you’ll be craving a craft cider after this Episode!

Ep. 61: Nice to MEAD You, with Will!

Have you ever heard of Mead? Do you know what Mead is? Well, on this Episode, the Tastemasters try to understand Mead with the help of local Mead Enthusiast, William Schmidt. Will has been experimenting and perfecting Mead for many years. Will brings along some homemade Meads and helps us pair them with some fine meats and cheeses! After listening to this Episode, you’ll be craving a Mead!

Ep. 60: UTOG Brews with Dini

On this Episode, we showcase a local brewery in Ogden, Utah with our Honorary Tastemaster Dini. We break down beers from UTOG Brewing Company who are turning heads and establishing a name for themselves. UTOG is producing some fascinating Craft Beers at their family-friendly brewery. Tune in as we share our opinion on the awesome Local Brewery.

Featured beers from UTOG include: Son of a Peach Hefeweizen Ale with Peaches, The OG Juice India Pale Ale, Top Shelf IPA India Pale Ale, and Synergy Coffee Lager.

Ep. 59: Brewmaster Derik of Strap Tank Brewery Co.

On this Episode, the Tastemasters bring back one of their dear friends and now Brewmaster of Strap Tank Brewing Co., Derik Hart. Derik shares his opinion on how a Pilsner style should taste and shares his favorite Pilsner of all time! Trust us when we say, this Episode is a MUST listen to!

Brewmaster Derik reveals his top Craft Beers on tap NOW at his Lehi location: 2-Stroke Vanilla Mocha Porter and the Gizza New Zealand Pilsner. Both are top sellers in Utah County.

Ep. 58: Holystone’s Head Distiller Ethan Miller

On this Episode, the Tastemasters sit down with Head Distiller of Holystone Distilling, Ethan Miller. While starting his distilling career amongst the well known High West Distillery, Ethan has spent over a decade perfecting his art from New Deal Distillery¬†in Oregon to Dented Brick in Salt Lake County. Not only is Ethan producing top-shelf quality liquor, he is also the only distiller in Utah who makes “Navy Strength Gin,” “Absinthe,” “Shochu,” and a jaw dropping purplish-blue gin that is a tribute to Breast Cancer Warriors! Truly a master at his craft and is continuing to push the bar higher for Craft Liquor.

Tune in as we talk with the man behind the magic of Bosun’s Navy Strength Gin, Perla Vodka, Apparition Absinthe Verte, Tsunami Shochu, and their most recent gin Cerulea. *Disclosure* Once you drink Holystone… You cannot go back to anything less!!