Ep. 115: Legendary Graham Doherty

On this Episode, we have the chance to sit down with Graham Doherty. Working within the heart of Uinta Brewing Co, Graham is helping fine tune and create beautiful products from Utah’s biggest breweries. Tune in to learn more about Graham, what he is working on at Unita, and what’s in store for the future!

Ep. 114: Harry Potter and the COBBlet of Fire!

On this Episode, we sit down with Jacob from TF Brewing. Jacob is a local Utahn who has found a path in Craft Beer. Also known as the COBBasaurus Rex, the COBB Father, Rocky COBBoa… the list goes on. “Cobb” is one of the biggest hearted, fun loving individuals you could ever meet. Let us know what your favorite nickname is!

Ep. 113: The Boys of Fisher Brewing

Join us with the owners of Fisher Brewing Co. Colby, Tom, Tim, and Steve. On this special episode we are honored to celebrate the 5 Year Anniversary of Fisher Brewing Co. which has become a favorite hangout spot for many. The Fisher Brewing boys will reveal some important events and new beers they will be showcasing for their 5 year Anniversary celebration!

Ep. 112: Jacquie King – A Brewing Legend!

Tune in as we interview one of Utah’s Finest Brewers, Jacquie King. Jacquie wears many hats including a head turning brewer at Roosters Brewing Co. “B-Street” and Co-Chair of the Utah Chapter of Pink Boots Society. Whether a lager or seltzer, Jacquie creates the perfect environment for a well crafted beer full of passion and heart!

Ep. 111: Scion Cider Bar

Ready for the next greatest place to be in 2022?! Scion Cider Bar is Utah’s first Cider focused bar that will also be making Ciders within their walls in the near future. With over 150 Imported Ciders to choose from and 20 Ciders on tap, Scion Cider Bar is bringing an all new tasting experience to Salt Lake City. Tune in to learn more behind the scenes while we interview Rio Connelly and Elisabeth Osmeloski.

Ep. 110: Clay & Shane Turnbow – Kiitos Brewing

On this Episode, we are joined by our guest Co-Host, Melissa Diaz (aka Beer Wench and Cupcake Guru)! We sit down with Head Manager Shane and Head Brewer Clay of Kiitos Brewing and discuss what it takes to be an Award-Winning Brewery and pour their iconic Pickle Beer!

Ep. 109: Bierstacheln

Beer + Fire = Bierstaheln! Bierstacheln (pronounced “beer shta-hll”) is an historic technique from Germany which means “Beer Spike” or “Beer Sting.” During this episode Tastemaster David is joined with Jason Stock, Kevin Templin and Joel Goodwillie to test out this old school technique. This trick is used with a heated metal rod and instantaneously forces the residual sugars in beer to caramelize and bring out a creamy marshmallow-ey character.

This is a fun Episode you do not want to miss out on!

Ep. 108: Malcolm Stewart – Skier by Day, Brewer at Night!

On this Episode, we sit down with Vermont born Malcolm Stewart. Malcolm has a giant heart while being the hardest working individual you could ever meet in our Community! When it comes to following your passions, Malcolm’s life (so far) has been an example of what it takes to continue through! Tune in to learn about one of our good friends.

Ep. 107: Dry January 2022

On this Episode, we are joined with Melissa Diaz and Bryce Huggins! Both are extreme supporters of the local craft scene within the community. Both are also participating in “Dry January.” Tune in to hear what these two have planned to keep they heads up and livers clean for the next month while still supporting local!

Ep. 106: Year in Review – 2021

2021 is over!! On this Episode, we sit down with one of our team members, Chandler Wride! Chandler and David go over their favorite episodes and moments throughout 2021. What an adventure it has been with so many incredible occasions! All these artists we have had the privilege to interview, have all become dear friends and a part of the Tastemasters Family! From the Tastemasters Crew, Thank You for the beautiful memories in 2021!