Ep. 53: Christmas Episode with Cody

Merry Christmas from the Tastemasters!! On this Episode, Honorary Tastemaster Cody joins as we talk about beers that were made for this holiday season. Also, tune in as some holiday cheer is conversed while breaking down some Christmas traditions.

Featured Beers include: Epic Brewing Co. Grandma Van’s Candy Cane Stout, Red Rock Brewery’s Griswald’s Holiday Ale, and Uinta Brewing Co. Peppermint Patty Pastry Stout

Ep. 52: Solstice Malt with James Weed

You CANNOT make beer without malt! Curious to know what malt is? Where does malt come from? Are there different types of malt? All these questions and more are answered when Tastemaster David and Honorary Tastemaster Cody sit down and converse with Malster James Weed of Solstice Malt.

Tune in as we dive in deep with the man who’s been making top-notch quality malt and taking beer within our Craft Beer Community to another level!

Ep. 51: Mike and Barbie DeShazo of Holystone Distilling

An Artisan-Award Winning Distillery out of Murry, Utah that produces head turning Vodka, Gin, Shochu, and Absinthe. Yeah, you read that correctly, Utah’s first legal Absinthe exists right here in our backyard!

Mike and Barbie, along with Head Distiller Ethan, bring a true meaning to “Top Shelf” in the Spirits category! In this Episode, we break down what Holystone Distillery stands for with fascinating stories from the owners. Trust us when we say, your palate will be dying to try any/all products that come from Holystone Distillery!

Ep. 50: Chad Hopkins of Hopkins Brewing Co.

Chad Hopkins of Hopkins Brewing Company, sits down and kicks it with the Tastemasters on this Episode. From Homebrewer to Brewpub Owner/Brewer, Chad has spent much of his time perfecting his craft and sharing it with the community he loves! Tune in as Chad shares his love and passion for Craft Beer by showcasing some of his coolest beers!

Featured Beers included: Sugar House Pilsner, Chili Mangose, The Basic Witch Pumpkin Chocolate Stout, and a special can of a limited release which Chad uses personal home-grown ingredients to make! Hang on as we introduce you to a MUST VISIT local Brewpub.

Episode 49: Barrel-Aged Beers with Josh!

On this Episode, the Tastemasters sit and chat with their good friend Josh van Amstel about barrel-aged beers! Barrel-aged beers have an interesting/unique charred and toasted flavor from beautiful wooden barrels that have been aging for some time. Not every barrel-aged beer turns out great, but when done correctly, barrel-aging can personify the beer itself. Find out why as we break down and try Scotch Ales, Barley Wine’s and Bourbon Barrel Stouts.

Episode 48: Sweet Vinyl Bakeshop meets Big Bad Baptist

On this Episode, the Tastemasters sit and chat with their friend and Owner/Founder of Sweet Vinyl Bakeshop, Melissa Diaz! Diaz has been making Craft Beer inspired cupcakes for some years now! Most recently, she has been catching the eyes of local breweries and making absolutely incredible treats with their beer INSIDE her cupcakes! Tune in as great stories, phenomenal cupcakes, and delicious beer are conversed!

Diaz has the opportunity to feature cupcakes for Epic Brewing’s Big Bad Baptist 2020 Release this year! The beers in the release includes: Big Bad Baptist Chocolate Raspberry, Big Bad Baptist Pecan Pie, Big Bad Baptist Double Peanut Butter Cup, Big Bad Baptist Sextuple Barrel, and Big Bad Baptist Bigger Badder Baptista!

Episode 47: Mexican Cervezas with Hollypeno

On this Episode, the lovely Holly joins the Tastemasters as they pair fish tacos and Mexican Style Lagers! Holly is a local independent Interior Designer, a fashion connoisseur and fitness lover! Join us as the Tastemasters try to open the palate of Holly with a little local culture and spice!

Featured Beer includes: Aqua Del Diablo by Silver Reef Brewing Co., Fisher Cerveza by Fisher Brewing Co., and Hot Rod by Strap Tank Brewing Co.

Episode 46: Black is Beautiful with KB

Weathered Souls Brewing Co. out of San Antonio, TX, started an awareness for the injustices people of color have faced daily; thus their label “Black is Beautiful” was born!!

In order to grasp a better understanding on this subject, the Tastemasters reached out to one of their dearest friends KB. KB is an amazing individual who grew up in the Projects of LA from a single mother home and has become an inspirational story! Tune in as KB’s story is one worth benefitting from!

Episode 45: Interview with Cody McKendrick – Head Brewer of Bewilder Brewing Co.

On this Episode, the Tastemasters interview the Head Brewer of Bewilder Brewing Company, Cody McKendrick! Cody brings his newest and first high point beer to the table – a Mole Porter!! In honor of Dia de Los Muertos, the Latin inspired beer has all the Cocoa, Cinnamon, and Chipotle Peppers you need to make the most delicious brew for this amazing Holiday! Also, the Tastemasters get to know Cody and why he is quickly making a name for himself amongst Top Tier Brewers in Utah!

Episode 44: Ciders with Craft Cider Advocate Matthew Ostrander Pt. 3

Part 3 of this Cider-Trilogy is the “icing on the cake” as the Tastemasters close their influential interview with Cider Advocate Matthew Ostrander.

Tune in as Matt takes Cider knowledge to an even higher level explaining Imperial Ciders, Hopped Ciders (for those IPA drinkers), a Habanero/Hatch/Jalapeno INFUSED Cider and much more!! Whether you are a devout wine, beer, liquor or cocktail drinker, this episode will have you longing for a Cider!