Episode 20: Q&A and Local IPAs with Cody

Tune in as the Tastemasters share their Q&A with their friend Cody and try to open his palate to liking IPAs. It’s hard to drive all the way to a brewery for fresh cold beer. So, the Tastemasters show Cody that there are a wide range of amazing Craft Beer at a store nearby!

Episode 16: Level Crossing Brewing Co. – April 2020 means #supportyourlocalbreweries

On this Episode, the Tastemasters start a new ‘push’ for April 2020; #supportyourlocalbreweries. Dedicating the whole month to supporting the Craft Beer that helps make Utah so great! First stop, Level Crossing Brewing Company!

Episode 15: Interview with Brewmaster Buffalo! – Shades Brewing Co.

On this Episode, the Tastemasters talk with Local Brewmaster Marcio Buffalo of Shades Brewing Company! Master of his craft and has a vast knowledge of brewing. Listen in as Brewmaster Buffalo drops an upcoming secret release that has not been announced yet!