Episode 25: Local IPAs that Scream UTAH!!

Is Uinta’s Cutthroat the “Sierra Nevada Pale Ale” of Utah?! In the beginning, Tastemasters David and Wyatt were NOT fans of Pale Ales or IPAs. However, through the amazing and underrated Brewmasters and Brewers of Utah, their opinions have changed completely! Tune in to see which local IPAs the Tastemasters currently recommend!

Episode 20: Q&A and Local IPAs with Cody

Tune in as the Tastemasters share their Q&A with their friend Cody and try to open his palate to liking IPAs. It’s hard to drive all the way to a brewery for fresh cold beer. So, the Tastemasters show Cody that there are a wide range of amazing Craft Beer at a store nearby!

Episode 16: Level Crossing Brewing Co. – April 2020 means #supportyourlocalbreweries

On this Episode, the Tastemasters start a new ‘push’ for April 2020; #supportyourlocalbreweries. Dedicating the whole month to supporting the Craft Beer that helps make Utah so great! First stop, Level Crossing Brewing Company!